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2018-01-24 Wednesday, 12:00H ACT
Restored archive for online-archiving purposes.

April 6, 2007 Friday, 12:00pm ACT (ASEAN Common Time)

Happy Holy Week everyone! Enjoy the Holidays!!

March 12, 2007 Monday, 7:22pm ACT (ASEAN Common Time)

Moved to a new server, hosted kindly by Beautiful-beast.net. I am finishing the next version layout and design of the Laibcomsal Fanlists, watch out for it!

Additionally, I am also going to update the back-end code, this time to HTML5, which is better than XhtML1.0 Strict.

Launch Day, 2004 ACT (ASEAN Common Time)

Welcome to Laibcomsal Fanlists. A new section of my site and a new hobby of mine. This is the version 2 of this site, very different from what I actually planned. I will instead launch the layout I designed probably on LFL version 3. Enjoy!!

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Collective Fans Growth Rate: 0.16

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Random Owned Fanlist

Sae Kasiwagi
Peach Girl: Sae Kashiwagi
Sae Kashiwagi from Peach Girl fanlisting.

Latest Owned FanList

Precious Gems: Elegant Orchid
Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid: XIA Yulan
Elegant Orchid - a XIA Yulan FanListing


Random Joined Fanlist

Peach Girl
Peach Girl is a shoujo romance manga. The story follows Momo as she tries to survive high school. Her major problems are her troubled relationship with fellow classmate Sae and a romantic triangle with two young men, Toji and Kiley.



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