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Sae Kashiwagi

Sae Kashiwagi is a friend of Momo-chan. She likes to copy her friend to the point of taking her friend's boyfriend as her own regardless of what methods she use and who she steps on. But she is a girl who learns from her mistakes and is a real friend for that matter. In the end she ended up helping her friend to be with the person her friend really loves, and this was all her doing intentionally.


Name: Sae Kashiwagi
Date of Birth:
Sex: Female
Eyes: Brown
Age: 16

Description and Details

Throughout the series, Sae will do every clean and dirty method to get what she wants. She also fell to her own tricks as she met a guy who do things far greater (or worst) than her. As she goes on with her mission, she fell in-love and it changed her for the better.

Sae is a type of person we meet in our daily lives more than we think. A conniving girl, always have something up her sleeves, plans, and says things behind our backs. But such people either have problems (in Sae's case, she's jealous of her friend's happiness, success and attention she's getting) or is just having fun doing such things.

Sae Kashiwagi portrayed that role wherein she also showed that no matter how evil they may appear to us (who are no better than her/them at all), they will change for the better. Sae's friendship with Momo regardless of their fights, jealousy and extreme measures to keep each other way or take each other's happiness (and boyfriends) only led up for them to go close together, take care of each other and help each other.
I like Sae and that's why I created this FL for her, I hope you too.

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